International cooperation must be a strategic tool for innovation and development in education, as well as the competence development of Asmildkloster’s organization and employees through mutual and beneficial cooperation with international collaborators.

International cooperation must reflect Asmildklosterøs areas of work, which are vocational education and training in agriculture and related education. Including the various inputs EUD, EUX, EUV, Students, as well as Agricultural Leadership.

Asmildkloster Agricultural School will thus:

  • Engage in dialogue with international collaborators and through mutual exchange of experience and knowledge create innovation and develop a high level of professionalism in all disciplines
  • Strive to be internationally recognized in our areas of work and learn from the best in the world and have the courage to stand out through new and innovative initiatives – also internationally

Asmildkloster Agricultural School will:

  • Strengthen development and growth in Danish agriculture through international cooperation
  • Through international work ensure development og high competencies for all the school’s employees
  • Contribute to the acquisition of acquired competencies for learning for the school’s employees, students and companies with interests in agricultural education
  • Strengthen interpersonal understanding through cross-border cooperation

Ongoing efforts:

  • Engagement in the organisation EUROPEA
  • Sending 8 employees on international exchange through JORU supported by ERASMUS +
  • Application for participation in JOERU – sending employees and students on exchange
  • Participation in the project; “Culture Enriched with Migration”, supported by ERASMUS +
  • International practice for agricultural students through, for example; Travel2Farm
  • Establishment of project organization for work with national and international activities
  • Development of internationally oriented programs

Asmildkloster Agricultural School’s international efforts are inspired by the Central Denmark Region’s international engagement and vision.