Welcome to Asmildkloster Academy of Agricultural Business.

Asmildkloster Academy of Agricultural Business, is founded 30. oct. 1908 and
located in Viborg in central Jutland – In 2018 Asmildkloster is graduating 100 skilled farmers, and 425 students are on their way.

Today a modern international college for further agricultural education, supported by the Danish ministry of education, with proud traditions and a historical atmosphere.

For Danish students the vertical range of agricultural education has for 110 years been represented. From the basic farm-assistant to Skilled farmer and to the unique management education only conducted at 7 academies in Denmark.

The farm assistant can undertake most daily operations, work independently and consider all aspects of work safety, maintenance, first aid etc.

The skilled farmer, equal to other vocational educations proves professional workmanship within the branch. He/she can manage a diverse farm operation and all aspects of production management, like optimizing resources feeding plans, gross margins and technology in and on farm.

The Agro-economist post graduates are employed by a wide range of agribusinesses, from production level to processing, export, sales and marketing, genetics, advisory extension service, education, research and of course within the financial sector.