International cooperation through EUROPEA

EUROPEA-Denmark represents EUROPEA in Denmark and Denmark in EUROPEA. The Danish association encompass 19 schools in Denmark that offers vocational and technical educational programs to the green sector of the economy. That is programs within farming and farm management, horticulture and gardening, landscaping, forestry, floristry, equine, animal care, etc.


Denmark is a small, wealthy, homogeneous and very organized society in the Northern outskirts of Europe. The Danes are few: only about 5.5 million. They are strong supporters of moderation and modesty. Danes are proud of their Viking past, of their Queen and of their language, which they consider impossible to speak for all others than themselves. Plenty of details about Denmark and the Danes are available on the national website:

The green sector

There are app. 35.000 farms in Denmark including 15.000 full-time operations. The farmland amounts to 2.7 million hectares or close to 65 % of the territory. Main products are pork, beef, dairy, poultry, fur and seed. The green sector produces food enough for 15 million people – of which 2/3’s are exported to Europe, USA, Japan, the Middle East and China. Read more about Danish farming and food production here:

Danish education system

In general, Danes are very proud of their educational system, which focus on not only knowledge and skills, but also stresses key competences such as democratic citizenship, social responsibility, creativity and independent reflection. Education in Denmark is free for all. Students are supported through government grants, and apprentices are paid a salary by their employers during school periods and when in practical placement. Find a general introduction to Danish education here:

School contact is Mrs. Susanne Joel